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Seeds of Change

Posted from Guild Wars 2 Guru on Tue 25 Nov, 23:18
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Keeping with tradition, the preview for the seventh Living Story episode has gone live. The patch falls on the same day as the previously previewed changes to structured PvP as well, giving both sides of the player base a fair amount of content to look forward to.

You can check out the teaser trailer for the living story here.

Also, if you haven't logged in to the game this to unlock episode 6, save yourself some gems and be sure to do so before December 2nd when the next episode goes live.

Go with the Flow

Posted from Guild Wars 2 Guru on Fri 21 Nov, 18:55

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Go with the Flow

Arenanet have outlined new changes to the PvP user interface and flow based changes, such as pre-game map votes and a new dishonor system.  Check out the announcement post!

The concept of PvP rosters has been completely removed. Players queueing by themselves will no longer need to create and submit a roster to play, and the days of teams forming parties just to invite them to a PvP roster are over. Instead, players can simply queue with their party or queue alone. This change means that anyone can queue their party for ranked or unranked arenas, which will prompt the other party members to confirm. Since parties stick together through the match flow process, they can easily queue over and over with no need to recreate rosters for every match! To accommodate these changes, the PvP UI has had a major overhaul.

Finding the perfect match

Posted from Guild Wars 2 Guru on Thu 20 Nov, 18:56

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Finding the perfect match

Arenanet has just placed a blog post online in which Juston O'Dell, server programmer at Arenanet, outlines the upcoming change to the sPvP algorithm.  The blog post contains information regarding the rollout, changes, and scoring system for the revamp.

This algorithm tuning, along with other sPvP updates, launches on 2 December 2014.

To start off, the first thing I should mention is that we're separating matchmaking from ladder ranking. Previously, your ladder ranking was based on your matchmaking rating. Removing this link gives us far greater control over how the ladder progresses over the course of a season, as well as the hidden variability and volatility seen with the old ladder. More importantly, this change gives us much greater flexibility in both areas, without which many of the following changes would simply not be possible.

Announcing Improvements to PvP and the Ladder Test Season

Posted from Guild Wars 2 Guru on Wed 19 Nov, 17:37

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Announcing Improvements to PvP and the Ladder Test Season

Arenanet has announced upcoming changes to the sPvP of Guild Wars 2.  The changes are added to an update on 2 December 2014.  You can read the full announcement here.

The update will include a host of other improvements to PvP. We've overhauled the entire flow of how a player enters PvP. Rosters are a thing of the past; now you can simply join with your party. Players now have to confirm before entering a match, so 4v5 situations can no longer occur from people going AFK. For players who do drop out, the Dishonor system has also been improved to better handle bad behavior.

Update Notes for November 18th, Tangled Paths

Posted from Guild Wars 2 Guru on Tue 18 Nov, 18:49

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Tangled Paths
The war against Mordremoth rages on in the Silverwastes as a new mystery arises. The Zephyrite Master of Peace has taken his precious cargo beyond the front lines. Where has he gone, and what answers will he give if he's found?

After completing "Tangled Paths," showcase your tactical mastery as a hero of Tyria by completing challenging, episode-related achievements.

  • With the release of "Tangled Paths," players can continue to build their Carapace and Luminescent armor sets by collecting the light, medium, and heavy gloves.
    • Carapace gloves are obtained by completing the new Silverwastes reward track, completing the storyline, and exploring the Silverwastes.
    • Players will once again have the chance to prove their mastery of the region by unlocking all three weight classes of Luminescent glove armor to complete the Luminescent Gloves collection.
  • Explore the newly discovered labyrinth, and find nightmare pods full of rich rewards.
    • Nightmare fragments can be found in small pods throughout the maze. Combine them with a bandit skeleton key to open the greater nightmare pod.
    • The greater nightmare pod contains rare and masterwork gear, dragonite ore, and a chance to discover new recipes for Bountiful and Furious Maintenance Oils, Sharpening Stones, and Tuning Crystals.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from assigning, removing, or reassigning healing, utility, or elite skills while in a cosmetic transformation (e.g., during the siege of Ascalon in the Urban Battlegrounds fractal).
World Polish
  • Silverwastes
    • The cryptobotanist now correctly indicates the parts he is looking for.
New Items and Promotions
  • World Tournament finishers are available to support your favorite region in the World Tournament Finals. Players purchasing the winning region's finisher before the finals will receive three Celebration Boosters after the event. Each region's finisher is available in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 600 gems each.
  • A new Pact weapon set is available at Black Lion Weapon Specialists for a limited-time price of one ticket per weapon. Tickets can be found inside Black Lion Chests.
  • The Jungle Explorer outfit is now available in the Style category of the Gem Store for 700 gems.

The ESL Go4GuildWars2 Cups Are Heating Up

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Fri 14 Nov, 00:01
(English) Only two weekends down and the upsets are rampant! Join us this Sunday for the next chapter.

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Meet WTS Finalists “The Abjured” and “The Civilized Gentlemen” on this week’s Ready Up

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Thu 13 Nov, 00:01
Viewer submitted questions? What could go wrong?

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Tangled Paths Begins November 18

Posted from Guild Wars 2 Guru on Tue 11 Nov, 14:21

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Tangled Paths Begins November 18

Arenanet have just announced the next Living Story update, titled Tangled Paths.  This update is a continuation of the second season of the Living World.  The trailer on the official announcement page shows dragon attacks, potential new skills, and new world content.

Tangled Paths Begins 18 November!

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Tue 11 Nov, 00:02
The adventure of season 2 continues next week!

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Log-R-Tron, Glint’s Gaze Mask, and Pact Airship Balloon in the Gem Store

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Tue 11 Nov, 00:01
We have everything you need to resupply and keep fighting!

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