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Welcome to the Second Anniversary 10-Day Sale!

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Today 00:20
It's been quite a year for the Black Lion Trading Company. To celebrate, I'm putting on a huge 10-day sale! Each day we'll be introducing a popular item from the last year of business.

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Sign Up for the Tournament of Glory Today!

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Today 00:05
Sign your team up today for a chance to win exclusive PvP armor!

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Win a Mini Llama during the Tournament of Legends 2 Finals this weekend!

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Today 00:00
Catch the finals of the largest tournament in Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 history!

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Announcing the World vs. World Fall Tournament 2014

Posted from Guild Wars 2 Guru on Yesterday 14:03

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Announcing the World vs. World Fall Tournament 2014

Arenanet has announced the next World versus World tournament.  The tournament, which begins on 2 September 2014, will last for one month, and have four match-ups.  Rewards and achievements will be given each week.  Check out the full announcement on the official website!

We're excited to announce that the next World vs. World tournament is starting on September 12, the Friday after our September 2014 Feature Pack launches! We'd also like to welcome our Chinese players to experience their first WvW tournament! We've got some exciting changes in store for the World vs. World Fall Tournament 2014, so let's get to it!

Tournament Duration
Our next tournament will be an extremely intense, exciting four-week-long tournament battle. The shorter format will ensure that worlds will not be repeatedly matched against one another, which will more closely resemble a true Swiss-style tournament. Each matchup will be unique, and every win--or upset--will make a huge difference!
Posttransfer Lockouts
It's important to maintain a sense of loyalty during a WvW tournament, but we also want players to have the freedom to move around. In the past, we balanced these goals by implementing a lockout period after transfers, which lasted for the current and subsequent matchups. The purpose of this feature was to encourage players to give transferring careful consideration by imposing some risk to the reward. Because the World vs. World Fall Tournament 2014 will only last four weeks, we will not be enforcing these lockout periods.

For the fall tournament, participating players will earn a weekly achievement based on completing a small number of events in World vs. World. This differs a bit from previous tournament achievements in which players were required to complete several of each event, such as capturing keeps and supply camps. We wanted to experiment with a simplified version of the achievements to encourage players to focus more on playing WvW, rather than checking off an objective checklist. Siege objectives, defend your land, and you'll be rewarded! Complete all four weekly achievements to unlock the meta-achievement and earn this tournament's title, "Mist Treader"!

Reward Structure
We want to continue to reward a world's overall performance in the tournament, but we'd like to focus the incentives on each world's struggle for dominance each week. To accomplish this, the arrangement of rewards distribution will be slightly different in this tournament. The majority of rewards will be dispersed at the end of each matchup based on your world's performance. This means that even if your world doesn't come out on top of your entire league, the efforts you put forth in each match will be rewarded!

Announcing the World vs. World Fall Tournament 2014

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Yesterday 00:02
Prepare for the upcoming WvW tournament! Here's everything you need to know.

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Ready Up: Episode 20

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Yesterday 00:01
Join host Josh Davis on this week's Ready Up!

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Save 50% on Guild Wars 2 – Now Until 24th August

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Thu 14 Aug, 00:03
From 14 August to 24 August, we're chopping the price of both Guild Wars 2 Digital Heroic Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition in half! Now is the perfect time to...

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PvP Visual and Reward Updates

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Thu 14 Aug, 00:02
The September 2014 Feature Pack is bringing exciting additions to PvP!

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Points of Interest Episode 5

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Thu 14 Aug, 00:01
Watch Episode 5, all about The Dragon's Reach: Part 2, live on Twitch!

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Posted from Guild Wars 2 Guru on Wed 13 Aug, 08:34

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Arenanet has announced that the next Guild Wars 2 update will be the September 2014 feature pack.  Split up into three parts, the news feature pack will first focus on new sPVP and WvW features, and includes a ranked tournament at launch.  To check out the release page, click here.

From new tools for coordinating your tactics to new rewards for your valor, Competitive Week is all about our support for and improvements to competitive play in Guild Wars 2!

Our second week of September 2014 Feature Pack reveals is focused on improving the Guild Wars 2experience for new and veteran players alike!

In the September 2014 Feature Pack, we're rethinking the way you collect and trade items!

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Zhadow Sat 26 Jan, 19:50
oki sounds nice! Even though right now im in a little slump now on gw2, so not playing much/at all at the moment. But I send you an pm if im gonna get back to it soon!
Nymph of Meliai Sat 26 Jan, 13:07
It depends on your connection, unless you have fibre-optic broadband then NA servers lag really badly if there is any event stuff happening... Halloween, Christmas etc. If you are worried about lag, then I would advise joining RiOT on Seafarer's Rest Server because they do a lot of PvE stuff as well as the WvW. Their officers are divided into PvE and PvP... plus there are Swedish people in the guild and LOTS of Swedish people on the server. The server is mostly British, Swedish, Italian and Russian
Zhadow Sat 26 Jan, 09:42
Would NA server lagg for somone from sweden? :o)
Nymph of Meliai Fri 25 Jan, 20:58
If you like PvX pm Nymeria Meliae for an invite to RiOT (WvW/Dungeons etc.) = EU servers If you are strict PvE then pm Zara Zante for an invite to LOST = NA servers

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