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Fri 30 Sep 2016

Nicholas the Traveller
Zaishen Vanquish
Zaishen Mission
Zaishen Combat
Zaishen Bounty
Vanguard Quest
Shining Blade
Nicholas Sandford
Weekly PvE Bonus
Zaishen Mission Bonus
Double copper Zaishen Coin rewards for Zaishen missions
Weekly PvP Bonus
Competitive Mission Bonus
Double Balthazar and Imperial faction in the Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood
Next Week PvE Bonus
Pantheon Bonus
Free passage to the Underworld and the Fissure of Woe
Next Week PvP Bonus
Heroes' Ascent Bonus
Double Balthazar faction and Hero title points in Heroes' Ascent

Rising Flames on Guild Chat

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Yesterday 01:01
 Guild Wars 2 
Don't miss the next episode of Guild Chat!

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Lava Lounge Pass, Pirate Corsair Hat, and Cosmic Logging Tool in the Gem Store

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Tue 27 Sep, 01:01
 Guild Wars 2 
If the hat fits, wear it.

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Community Showcase Live: September

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Mon 26 Sep, 01:01
 Guild Wars 2 
Tune in this Wednesday for Community Showcase Live!

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The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of 26 September

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Fri 23 Sep, 01:01
 Guild Wars 2 
Find out when we'll be hosting your favorite streamers!

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Mursaat Robes, Mursaat Backpack and Glider Combo, and New Hair Colors!

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Tue 20 Sep, 18:52
 Guild Wars 2 
Yes, this is my natural color.

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Rising Flames Release

Posted from Guild Wars 2 Guru on Tue 20 Sep, 18:12
 Guild Wars 2 


Rising Flames Release

Arenanet released the newest Living World update today, Rising Flames!  Read the full press release below.

Today, ArenaNet has added the next episode of Living World Season 3 to its award-winning, industry-leading MMO, Guild Wars 2. Rising Flames is set in a location that is familiar to fans of Tyria's lore and players of the original Guild Wars."
In the previous Living World episode, Legate Minister Caudecus revealed himself as the leader of the nefarious White Mantle, but his plans for the organization were thrown into disarray when one of their ancient gods, a mursaat called Lazarus, reappeared and accused him of being a heretic. And the tumult in Tyria burns even hotter with the discovery that the Elder Dragon Primordus is stirring once again. Will players be consumed by the flames?
Along with Rising Flames comes a new PvP map called Eternal Coliseum. In this new conquest map, players will fight for the favor of a roaring ravenous crowd inside an arena inspired by the real-world Roman Coliseum. Players attempt to gain control of three capture points. Each conquest map features a unique secondary objective that gives the map additional strategic, tactical depth and can change the tide of battle. At set intervals during the match, artifacts of the gods will become available for capture. Capturing the Sword of Reaping will automatically defeat any downed enemies that you strike and provide a 20% damage bonus to your entire team. Capturing the Shield of Life will give the player that wields it a free resurrection when downed in addition to 5000 bonus health and 100 toughness for the entire team.
The release of both Rising Flames and Eternal Coliseum is in keeping with ArenaNet's stated cadence of providing new Living World content on a 2-3 month schedule. The bundling of a Living World episode, a new PvP map, and updates to other areas of the game such as Fractals is designed to truly give a wide swath of our player base more of what they want and love on a regular basis.

Rising Flames is Live

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Tue 20 Sep, 01:02
 Guild Wars 2 
Tyria is heating up! Read on for today's release notes.

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Legendary Weapons

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Tue 20 Sep, 01:01
 Guild Wars 2 
A message from Mike O'Brien and Matt Pennebaker about legendary weapons.

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Announcing the Winners of the 2016 Guild Wars 2 World Championship

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Mon 19 Sep, 01:02
 Guild Wars 2 
Congratulations to the winning team!

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The World Championship Is Live on Twitch This Saturday

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Fri 16 Sep, 01:02
 Guild Wars 2 
Read on to learn how to watch the tournament, witness the reveal of Eternal Coliseum, and win prizes!

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Zhadow Sat 26 Jan 2013, 19:50
oki sounds nice! Even though right now im in a little slump now on gw2, so not playing much/at all at the moment. But I send you an pm if im gonna get back to it soon!
Nymph of Meliai Sat 26 Jan 2013, 13:07
It depends on your connection, unless you have fibre-optic broadband then NA servers lag really badly if there is any event stuff happening... Halloween, Christmas etc. If you are worried about lag, then I would advise joining RiOT on Seafarer's Rest Server because they do a lot of PvE stuff as well as the WvW. Their officers are divided into PvE and PvP... plus there are Swedish people in the guild and LOTS of Swedish people on the server. The server is mostly British, Swedish, Italian and Russian
Zhadow Sat 26 Jan 2013, 09:42
Would NA server lagg for somone from sweden? :o)
Nymph of Meliai Fri 25 Jan 2013, 20:58
If you like PvX pm Nymeria Meliae for an invite to RiOT (WvW/Dungeons etc.) = EU servers If you are strict PvE then pm Zara Zante for an invite to LOST = NA servers

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