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Sat 22 Jul 2017

Nicholas the Traveller
Nicholas' Location is still unknown for this week!
Zaishen Vanquish
Zaishen Mission
Zaishen Combat
Zaishen Bounty
Vanguard Quest
Shining Blade
Nicholas Sandford
Weekly PvE Bonus
Zaishen Bounty Bonus
Double copper Zaishen Coin rewards for Zaishen bounties
Weekly PvP Bonus
Competitive Mission Bonus
Double Balthazar and Imperial faction in the Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood
Next Week PvE Bonus
Factions Elite Bonus
The Deep and Urgoz's Warren can be entered from Kaineng Center
Next Week PvP Bonus
Heroes' Ascent Bonus
Double Balthazar faction and Hero title points in Heroes' Ascent

The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of 24 July

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Yesterday 00:01
 Guild Wars 2 
Find out when we'll be hosting your favorite streamers!

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Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 3: One Path Ends Announced for July 25th!

Posted from Guild Wars 2 Guru on Tue 18 Jul, 21:25
 Guild Wars 2 



Next week, starting July 25th, the conclusion to GW2: Heart of Thorns Living World Season 3 will release. Check out the trailer above to get a glimpse of "One Path Ends"!


As the season began, the heroes celebrated their victory over the Elder Dragon Mordremoth--unaware that the magic formerly channeled and absorbed through Mordremoth was coming undone and flowing out of control.


At the same time, the sinister White Mantle cult was destroying one of the five ancient bloodstones used by the gods to seal magic away from humanity. In an explosive cataclysm, they unleashed its magic and used it to resurrect their long-lost leader and god (or so they believed), Lazarus the Dire.


As the Pact Commander investigated the consequences of slaying Mordremoth, the young asura genius Taimi discovered that its unbound magic had infused and strengthened two of the remaining Elder Dragons, Primordus and Jormag. She developed a machine that would pit Primordus's fire magic against Jormag's ice magic--and neutralize both at one go. But Taimi made a shattering discovery: if her machine killed even one more Elder Dragon, the resulting magical chaos could annihilate Tyria.


The heroes suspected that "Lazarus" was not what he appeared to be, and their fears were confirmed when he infiltrated Taimi's research lab in Rata Novus to steal her machine, giving Kasmeer, a human mesmer and ally of the Pact Commander, a chance to shatter the illusion of his disguise and reveal his true self: Balthazar, the humans' god of war and fire. He absconded with Taimi's dragon-slaying machine and fled, pursued by the Pact Commander.


Balthazar used Taimi's machine to attack Primordus and Jormag, absorbing their power--but after a desperate battle, the Pact Commander and Taimi were able to overload the machine, returning both Elder Dragons to a dormant state. Balthazar, however, vanished without a trace.


Now, in the final episode, Tyria's heroes will begin a hunt for Balthazar, hoping against hope to stop his campaign against the Elder Dragons before he does the world damage that cannot be undone.

Watch the Trailer for “One Path Ends”

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Tue 18 Jul, 00:02
 Guild Wars 2 
The Living World Season 3 finale is almost here!

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The Black Lion Hunters Board is Now Available!

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Tue 18 Jul, 00:01
 Guild Wars 2 
It's all about opportunity cost.

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Community Showcase Live: July 2017

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Mon 17 Jul, 00:01
 Guild Wars 2 
Tune in this Wednesday for Community Showcase Live!

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The ArenaNet Streaming Schedule for the Week of 17 July

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Fri 14 Jul, 00:01
 Guild Wars 2 
Find out when we'll be hosting your favorite streamers!

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Living World Season 3 Finale Arrives 25 July

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Wed 12 Jul, 00:01
 Guild Wars 2 
Where will it take you?

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The Dynamics Exo-Suit Appearance Pack Is Available in the Gem Store!

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Tue 11 Jul, 00:02
 Guild Wars 2 
Yes, I already tried turning it off and on.

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Take a Look at Improvements to the Gem Store

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Tue 11 Jul, 00:01
 Guild Wars 2 
Learn all about the updated Gem Store interface.

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Celebrating One Year of the Guild Wars 2 Art Show

Posted from Guild Wars 2 News on Fri 7 Jul, 00:01
 Guild Wars 2 
Get to know some of our art show artists!

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Zhadow Sat 26 Jan 2013, 19:50
oki sounds nice! Even though right now im in a little slump now on gw2, so not playing much/at all at the moment. But I send you an pm if im gonna get back to it soon!
Nymph of Meliai Sat 26 Jan 2013, 13:07
It depends on your connection, unless you have fibre-optic broadband then NA servers lag really badly if there is any event stuff happening... Halloween, Christmas etc. If you are worried about lag, then I would advise joining RiOT on Seafarer's Rest Server because they do a lot of PvE stuff as well as the WvW. Their officers are divided into PvE and PvP... plus there are Swedish people in the guild and LOTS of Swedish people on the server. The server is mostly British, Swedish, Italian and Russian
Zhadow Sat 26 Jan 2013, 09:42
Would NA server lagg for somone from sweden? :o)
Nymph of Meliai Fri 25 Jan 2013, 20:58
If you like PvX pm Nymeria Meliae for an invite to RiOT (WvW/Dungeons etc.) = EU servers If you are strict PvE then pm Zara Zante for an invite to LOST = NA servers

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